In the early 1920s, W.D. Sisler and his brother Jacob started Sislers Brothers Monumental Works and Manufacturers in Harrisonburg, VA. Then in the early 1930’s W. D. moved his family to Northern Virginia and started his own monument business. He and his wife, Alberta, had five sons and four daughters. The original site of the family’s business was in Cherrydale, off of Lee Hwy, in Arlington, VA. 

Then in 1937 W. D. moved the business to Falls Church, VA, and we are still here more than 80 years later! In addition to his monument business, W. D. and his family built a sawmill and made handles for various tools, and cut bed slats for Montgomery Ward.  Before World War II W. D. purchased a quarry in Haymarket, VA, and began to sell flagstone and other building stone. He and his sons, then, became stone masons. 

During the war, three of the sons entered service in the Navy. Fortunately, all three returned from the war and were able to rejoin the family business. After the war, the popularity for materials and stonework increased so that the demand from the quarry could not be met. The family then began to have various products delivered from other states. The business became incorporated in 1945, changing the name to Sislers, Inc., or, as most of our customers know us – Sislers Stone. 

In 1948 after W. D. passed, the family decided to stop the sawmill and concentrate on providing customers with building materials and stone masonry. 

Sislers is now a third-generation family-owned business with the same concerns for our customers as we had in the 1930s. We look forward to continuing to serve the metropolitan area homeowners and contractors with thankfulness and appreciation for their business that has kept us here for over 80 years.

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